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Anne Marie McCoy, also known as Anne Marie or Anne for short, is a character encountered in the Apartments of the Mansion.

Appearance[ | ]

Anne Marie takes the appearance a young girl who has blonde hair with a blue dress and shoes. Anne Marie's eyes glow white and the ends of her hair and dress are burnt with embers coming off them.

Personality[ | ]

Anne Marie is described by Will as a being playful and innocent. She is not hostile toward Will and rather friendly. Anne Marie is also shown to be forgiving, as she desired to reconcile with Brennen, unlike Thomas.

History[ | ]

Background[ | ]

On the date of July 6th, 1992, a fire broke out in a small residence located in Carnegie. When the mother of Anne Marie reported that she was still trapped in the burning building, two firefighters, Thomas M. Davidson and Brennen Alexander, ran back into the building to save her. Unfortunately, only Brennen was able to make it back out. According to Brennen, Anne Marie had burned to death trying to save her stuffed animal and the fire also took the life of Thomas.

The Apartments[ | ]

Anne Marie is encountered near the beginning of the level where she emerges from the darkness whilst Will is exploring the Apartment rooms and she introduces herself to him. Will asks Anne various questions but she provides little help. When Will asks Anne if there is anyone else who could help him, she mentions both Brennen (The Fireman) and her friends. Anne then asks Will if he could find someone who is "always late to tea parties" (Rabbit Stuffed Animal) and states that if he does, she might be able to help him find his way out. When will finds the Rabbit Stuffed Animal and gives it to Anne, she explains that she has something that might be able to allow Will to unlock the exit to the Apartments and that Will must collect four Drawings before she can give it to him. When Will finds the Drawings and gives them to Anne, she expresses fear and regret but Will reassures her. Anne then instructs Will to ring the bell in the Lobby and to only do so when the Fireman is not around.

Save[ | ]

If Will chooses to save the Fireman and rings the bell in the lobby, he will quickly arrive and attempt to kill Will. Before the Fireman can do this, however, Anne arrives and stops the Fireman. She states to the Fireman that she forgives him and urges him to remember who he is. Anne's reconciliation attempt works, as the Fireman drops his axe and approaches her. He speaks an unintelligible sentence to Anne, though she is able to understand it and she shares a hug with the Fireman. As she is hugging the Fireman, Anne drops a photograph which Will uses to leave the Apartments.

After Will leaves the Apartments, he arrives in a room in the mansion and finds Anne's corpse stuck on a wall.

Destroy[ | ]

If Will chooses to destroy the Fireman and attacks him with the Glass Shard, his body collapses onto the floor and soon after, Anne arrives and weeps at the sight of it, stating that Will could've helped him.