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Disambig.png This article is about the journal entry. For the character, see Anne Marie.

Anne Marie

"Anne Marie" is one of Will's journal entries in Immure, listed under "Apartment."


This journal entry is added after first talking to Anne Marie, typically after finding Drawing 2 in Apt A1.


I spoke to a little girl, said her name was Anne Marie. She looks... strange. Her dress had embers coming off of it although she didn't seem to mind, This is certainly not a place for a child but she didn't seem at all worried or scared. Honestly, she simply behaved like a child: playful and innocent. I kept my guard up when talking to her, but it was a breath of fresh air even if I can't really trust her.

I never had children of my own. Not because I dislike children, but rather because I've always feared bringing a child into this world. I've seen the worst in humanity and what scares me the most about it is how it has affected me as a person. Could somebody like me even be a good father? Of course, I never... well, let's just leave it at that.