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Grace is the main antagonist in Part Two (The Residence) of Immure. She is the second wraith that William Wicker encounters in the game.


As a human, Grace was a young African-American girl with short, curly hair. She wore a pink shirt with blue pants. Grace appeared to have vitiligo, as she had several white patches on her dark skin.

As a Wraith, Grace is a large, monstrous creature that resembles a dog and has glowing green eyes.


Grace was youngest child in her family and loved them all greatly. She never wanted any of the horrible things she did to happen. However, she eventually was no longer able stand her parents constant fighting which led to her to giving in to the mysterious being that made her do all of it.

As a human, Grace seemingly believes her sister to be responsible for the deaths of their parents.

As a Wraith, Grace is feral creature that appears to target her sister Barb and also Will if she sees him. Should she spot Will, Grace will relentlessly chase after and attempt to kill him, where she will blow a hole through his chest.



Powers and Abilities[]

  • Large size
  • Supernatural survivability - As a Wraith, Grace is able survive injuries that would usually be fatal for a human. She was able to emerge from the wreck of car after it was dropped onto her and the injuries she sustained from it did not seem to impede her at all.
  • Dermal armor - As a Wraith, Grace possesses fur on her body that initially prevents her from being destroyed.
  • Quadrupedalism - Grace can shift from walking on two legs to running on all fours, and vice-versa.