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The newspaper

Newspaper Article is one of the clues Will discovers and records in the Apartments in Immure.


This clue is added to the list when Will picks up the newspaper inside Apt B4.


Found the following article dated on July 7th, 1992 in a newspaper.

"Yesterday, a fire broke out a small residence located in Carnegie which tragically claimed the lives of 8 year old Anne-Marie McCoy and 27 year old Thomas M. Davidson. Davidson was a firefighter who, along with fellow firefighter Brennen Alexander, ran into the building after the mother of young Anne-Marie reported that her daughter was still trapped inside. Unfortunately, only Alexander made it back out of the building.

The fire spread to a nearby home as well but was stopped prior to causing additional damage. Authorities have yet to find the cause of the fire but current evidence suggests it to be an accident. Our hearts go out to the family members of those lost their lives in this horrible tragedy."