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Wraiths are monstrous creatures and the main enemies in Immure which William Wicker must fight and/or evade during the course of the game. The main goal when encountering Wraiths in each chapter is for Will to either save or destroy them.

Appearance[ | ]

Wraiths are grotesque, large monsters that stand at at least twice the size of Will. Their appearance often seems to based off of their lives before their deaths, and the nature of their deaths.

Characteristics[ | ]

Wraiths are aggressive and dangerous beasts. They appear driven to wander their place of residence and kill anyone they come across. However, Wraiths have been seen sparing or specifically targeting someone closely tied to them.

They have been shown to be very strong and fast, surpassing the average person in all respects. Each Wraith has unique abilities and/or weapons which they use to attack and brutally kill their victims. All Wraiths appear to be completely relentless, as they do not ever stop their rampages and will never cease going after a target unless defeated.

Wraiths also cannot be permanently stopped through any normal means. The most that normal attacks can do against them is either weaken and/or briefly slow them down. There are only two known ways to stop a Wraith: either save them by somehow reminding them of their humanity or destroy them by forcing them to repeat their original deaths.

List of Wraiths[ | ]

Encountered during the "Nightmare"[ | ]

Encountered during the "Apartments"[ | ]

  • The Fireman: The first wraith that Will encounters and must either save or destroy.

Encountered during the "Residence"[ | ]

  • Grace: The second wraith that Will encounters and must either save or destroy.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Nightmare creature is currently the only Wraith that Will cannot to save.